What is Club Management and Professional Liability Insurance?

When you give your time an energy to a club, you want to make certain you are not risking your personal or the organisation’s financial security.

That’s why you need a Management and Professional insurance policy. It provides protection for you and the organisation in the event of legal action.

The insurance addresses exposures/wrongdoings clubs and associations face everyday, including; discrimination, harassments, wrongful termination, inefficient administration or supervision, libel and slander, misrepresentations and employee theft.

Coverage Limits

> Directors & Officers

> Employment Practices

> Commercial Crime

> Statutory Liability



Coverage provided within a Management and Professional Liability

Directors and Officers Liability – coverage for any wrongful act including a criminal charge, defamation, civil proceeding or fraudulent act.

Employment Practices Liability – includes wrongful dismissal, discrimination or unlawful acts in the workplace. Employee Theft Coverage

Examples of Management and Professional Liability Claims

Directors and Officers Liability – legal action is taken against the club for defamation of a club member. This came about as a result of information printed in the monthly club newsletter.

Employment Practices Liability – legal action is taken against the club for the unfair dismissal of a senior coach.

Employee Theft Coverage – the club treasurer has been stealing money from the accounts over a period of time and the club now needs to claim losses.

Important note

The Directors and Officers and Employment Practices Liability sections of this policy are written on a ‘Claims Made Basis’. This means that coverage is provided for claims that are notified to the insurer during the period of cover.

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